The Science of foot reflexology

      Massage foot reflexology is a science that predates the Egyptians and the ancient Chinese over 5,000 years ago and has spread to many. Countries at a later time. I came to Thailand, which is widely popular within the last five years.

      massage foot reflexology is a science that predates the Egyptians and the ancient Chinese over 5,000 years ago and has spread to many. Countries at a later time. I came to Thailand, which is commonly widely within the period of 5 years.has traditionally soothing to the people of Thailand, became interested in the health care themselves up and look to remedy systemic vintage such. treatment using acupuncture, herbal medicine, Herbal Massage Thailand massage, foot reflexology and many other antibiotics instead. This treatment, as mentioned above, it is an alternative to the self that is accepted among the people of Thailand, especially those with a foot massage so much attention. I have seen the benefits of a foot massage. The most important thing is to massage the feet as a natural way without using any equipment. It does not cause harm. Cheap and safe. It is clear that for many years as a massage for the treatment. Foot reflexology is currently classified as "alternative medicine".

The basic foot care.

One. Should not be that cold cold feet foot foot health defects.
2. I have a bunion on the foot marks and cracks.
3. I wear too tight shoes.
4. I wear too high.
5. A foot bath before bathing.

"Feet".  was one of the major organs of the body that ensures total body weight of a human body. Moreover, the treatment is still hidden.  "ZONE. THERAPY ".  , allowing the treatment of human beings. By the treatment or the treatment of this The reflexology foot in this manner requires a process called. The reflection of the body. "Reflexology".
           The reflection of the feet "FOOT REFLEXOLOGY".  , a process in which the human body is a human foot in a position to respond. Which relate to all parts of the body. So reflexology positions. The regiment is part of the body can be diagnosed by the imbalance. The function of various organs. The body work is inefficient.
Foot reflexology is the correct response to these imbalances. To allow the body to return to normal and able to function effectively. Magically

Reflexology foot massage is useful for health for the better. Prevent disease, ease muscle tension and deeply. Stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph in the body. Stimulate the body's internal organs. Balance of the body to return to normal. The treatment and relief of physical illness. The body temperature is normal. Drive waste out of the body. Immune disease. Making look younger. The function of the nervous parts of the body to prevent England paralysis - paralysis. The hormones of the body to normal. Strengthen bones and muscles, as usual. And, most importantly, help restore health to the body and push up the race.

Science of massage is generally divided into two types of massage to relax the muscles and relax the mind state (RELEX) alone. Wood is a device used in conjunction with a hand massage is a type of foot reflexology. To stimulate the function of other organs. Within the body to function normally and the balance within the body through reflex points or positions that can diagnose the system. Within the body. To prevent and resolve at a later time. This method is used in the treatment alone.

Science and foot reflexology. It with the fingers or thumbs, press down on the reflection of the foot is called the nerve  is reflected on the feet with a total of 62 points.  , each point is the nerve that connects to the vital organs in the body and 62 to go and feel accepted. If all 62 are known to stimulate the reflex points. Vestment to the organs associated with the reflection point. Directly to the organ as a result of motion and balancing the system consistently. Result in the recovery and push for better health. The process is achieved via the blood circulation.

Of the foot more than 10,000 people have the disease in the two groups: 1. Infected with the disease, including infectious disease, cancer, diabetes, Philip's, tuberculosis, etc. 2. Disease to disease, including cancer, headache, paralysis, etc.. What to do with the disease. And correct it.

1 natural health therapies.
  divided into three groups.
Group 1.  foods such as herbs.
Group 2.  , such as power prayer, power, energy, light, etc..
Group 3.  structure or physical health of the body as a whole of China, including acupuncture, physical Thailand as unregistered Massage court, of Japan, such as Tokyo Shinjuku, the guava, such as aromatherapy year.

  is a Chinese hand massage with palms. Thailand, is not it true, is the one with the palm between the index finger and thumb. The Chinese called this point the video I ve had. Massage the palm of the future will have the disease.

  ear reflex points as the palm. The two sides should take the time to use the headset.

  spine neck, back, waist coccyx is the science of China. Led to the development of the Cairo International Business Phraek (the bones) to take 5-7 minutes.

  foot soles left indicate organ left hemisphere is the heart, spleen, kidney, cones, kidney, bladder, urethra, small bowel, toe indicates the head with the brain, small brain, large parts of the foot, right indicate the organ right is the gallbladder,. liver, ruptured different. The rest is the same for both left and right. The left foot to the right foot of the same.
Foot is the whole point of health. If the two sides can not stand feet. The human foot is positioned to meet you. Which relate to all parts of the body so that the foot reflexology, which can be diagnosed at any part of the body that imbalance and more. We can see this page, then you have the big toes.
I do not walk like an old shoe. Healthy than wearing shoes all day. I do not walk in tile, terrazzo, floor pedal cold coconut shell, bamboo cut is better barefoot. Because of Coconut raised. Foot position is the position of the stomach and intestines.The Wind Explorer has a fresh coconut that I live life to the intestinal pain. Stepping stones larger than pebbles. Cree coconut shell, bamboo, because gravel is smaller than the 62 feet to the pedals around. Button or foot massage do not roll over pebbles are sold. But not more than 1 hr foot massage on self-help. The main idea is better than the foot. I massage the outer side of the foot. Foot Reflexology Massage from a massage to help you know better. I like to know the massage.
The reflexology foot massage 7 system is effective.
1. Excretion in feces and urine.
2. Brain stress systems, high pressure, insomnia, poor memory.
3. Postmenopausal hormones such as menstrual cramps.
4. Listening, smelling like a short-sighted eyes, ears, nose, massage is effective.
Five. System, spinal cord, such as when - back pain paralysis paralyzed England.
6. Lymphatic system, such as mosquito bites disappear soon.
7th. Immune system. If the resistance is low. Reflexology. Resistance to high 
treatment from birth to old age. I do not enjoy the massage. Or hungry or have a coma. Marsh has a broken foot or a very high pressure, pregnancy massage every day, 2 times a day every 6 hours to massage your feet are warm. Do not get water to the blood circulation. The feet are shaped like people. Thumb kind. Will head that way.

I wear shoes or boots all day to squeeze your thumb holds the Hindukush. The thumb is the nose. Squeeze the nose to reflect the bad breath. If wearing tight squeeze finger shoulder to wrap. Because the little finger is the shoulder. I wear high heels every position to push the head in the frontal position. Inch is the base of the shoulder muscles. And hit the hip, ovaries, uterus, cervix, so I wear high heels regularly dizziness stiff neck. Shoulder muscles are strained hamstring suffered in large numbers on the shoulder with the menstrual cycle.

If he is not careful. Thumb of a headache it was kicked. Hitting the forehead. Show that the feet mirror the body if the shoulders are sore shoulder position at the foot it will hurt. I do not go by foot to foot, the body reflection. Foot back pain.

The Science of foot reflexology. You can learn and apply to themselves and their families at home. However, in order to obtain the best results should be treated with a well-trained expert to use this correctly.


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